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Ultracrepidarianism and Humility

Updated: May 29, 2020

You're going to find many different topics on this site. When you're engaging with any of the materials here, you should remember that you're reading from someone who is an expert in a total of 0 topics. Even in the topics I know best, data science and advertising, I really only know very small tiny slivers of these giants. At the forefront of this adventure, I want you to remember just a few things:

  1. Ultracrepidarianism is the act of giving expertise in fields that one is not an expert in. Every one of us does this regularly, and it is why "smart" people shouldn't immediately be agreed with on topics outside of their domain. But it doesn't mean you're wrong. This reminds me to be humble and dig into the facts very deeply. It also means that I could be wrong, and I should expect it in my search.

  2. I'll be keeping a record of claims and predictions and thoughts so that others can see how wrong I am. We give so much credence to confidence and familiar folk that we often forget that talking heads have a record, too. I want my record to publicly available, because I believe in presenting myself as who I am.

Now have yourself your first S'morean hotdog!

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